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Decision on Green Road Scheme Deferred by Planning Committee
1 March 2017

Between thirty and forty Woolpit residents attended Mid Suffolk District Council's Development Control Committee B at Needham Market on Wednesday 22 February. While many were hoping that the committee would agree to make a site visit, a discussion of the arguments was also expected.

In the event, after some initial confusion and delay, Philip Isbell, who leads the planning team, explained that it was necessary to postpone the decision. This was because Suffolk County Council have submitted further comments, mainly concerning the lack of places for preschool and primary school pupils. These comments were received only the previous day. The Committee Chair, Kathie Guthrie, announced that a site visit would be made - no date was fixed - and that the decision would be deferred. Moreover, the case is to be referred to the Referrals Committee, which handles tricky or controversial planning applications. Dylan Jones, the planning officer tasked with this case, was absent, so John Pateman-Gee, another senior planning officer, made a short presentation to the committee.

To sum up, the outcome for Green Road is as follows:

• there will be a site visit - perhaps not before April;
• the Referrals Committee will decide on this application.

SCC have responded to other live applications, in Thurston and Elmswell as well as Woolpit, making the same comments with regard to the lack of school places.