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Housing Policies Drafted for the Plan
2 December 2017

For the past three months, a working group has been getting to grips with formulating policies for the Neighbourhood Plan. Policies on Housing have been drafted and reviewed by the working group. They were submitted to the Steering Group at the end of November, where they were subjected to close scrutiny. With the assistance of our 'critical friend' (an adviser assigned to the Neighbourhood Plan by the District Council), some amendments were made and approved.

There are five housing policies:

  • Location and scale of new housing developments
  • Housing type
  • Affordable homes
  • Housing design and character
  • Housing for the elderly
These will form one section of the Neighbourhood Plan when it is put out to public consultation in the spring. Other sections will cover policies on Business / Economic Development and on Environment. The Policies working group is now focusing on these two sections.

The Plan will also include some Community Actions, or Projects. Through the Questionnaire and previous consultations, the community has raised a number of concerns - pedestrian safety on the roads, play facilities for children, etc - which cannot form planning policy. However, these can be included in the Neighbourhood Plan as Projects: goals which the community and its representatives will press for in the coming years.