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Landscape Sensitivity Study Commissioned
1 November 2017

Following the completion of the Neighbourhood Questionnaire, which was financed by a grant, we have obtained a further grant for a Landscape Sensitivity Study. This is a fairly technical assessment, so we have commissioned consultants Alison Farmer & Associates to produce this report for the Neighbourhood Plan.

What is a Landscape Sensitivity Study?

You are probably aware that Babergh / Mid Suffolk District Councils are consulting local communities about the new Joint Local Plan. Among other things, this plan identifies sites for potential development, in Woolpit as everywhere else in the district. The Landscape Sensitivity Study assesses each one of these sites (and some extra ones), to see what would be the impact of building on them. Many different factors have to be taken into account: the impact on the roads, on the setting of the Conservation Area, on the environment and so on. The result is that each site is rated on a scale of sensitivity. Development would have a low impact on some sites; they are considered to be not very sensitive. At the other end of the scale, on highly sensitive sites development would impact our village and neighbourhood very considerably.

We hope that the study will be completed before the end of the year.