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Completing the Jigsaw
Allocating Sites
Writing the Plan
Sensitivity Study Completed
A Fascinating Talk at the Questionnaire Display
After Two Years
Woolpit Neighbourhood Plan After Two Years
6 February 2018

The record for 2017 shows some solid achievements, essential for the progress of the Plan. The Questionnaire was devised and delivered, and the results analysed, providing extra data on which our policies can be firmly based.

Those policies are well on the way to completion - Housing policies have already been approved by the Steering Group - and should be finished by the end of February 2018, apart from any final revisions.

Some revisions are inevitable, as the Landscape Sensitivity Study - commissioned from consultant Alison Farmer - will provide us with enough guidance to consider some sort of ranking of sites identified by Mid Suffolk District Council as having potential for development. This study should also be complete and available to us by the end of February 2018. It will be published on this website in due course.

Government clarification of planning policy changes means that neighbourhood plans are expected to identify ("allocate") potential development sites. The main difficulty with this at the moment is that the Joint Local Plan has not yet indicated the preferred development strategy for Mid Suffolk. As a result, we are still in the dark regarding the number of houses that MSDC expects to be built in Woolpit over the next 20 years.