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Allocating Sites for Development
28 June 2018

The Neighbourhood Plan has been marking time for a month, waiting for approval for technical support for site allocations. This requirement and the associated difficulties were explained in the April newsletter. Put simply, in order for our planning policies to have legal force in a district which lacks the necessary allocated housing supply, we must make our own site allocations.

As this is technically complex and potentially controversial, the advice we have received is to use an independant consultant. Funding is provided by government to allow us to get this support. Initial discussions with the assigned consultancy, AECOM, have been held, and one of their senior planners is now starting to undertake the work. As yet, we have no expected completion date.

AECOM will examine a number of potential sites in the parish, mainly around Woolpit village. Using various criteria, they will give these a rating: from unsuitable to highly suitable for housing development. The Neighbourhood Plan will nevertheless set a broad target for the amount of development up to 2036, based on data from the emerging Joint Local Plan.