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Completing the Jigsaw
Allocating Sites
Writing the Plan
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After Two Years
Completing the Jigsaw
17 October 2018

There hasn't been a new report here for a few months, largely because there hasn't been much of substance to write about. But behind the scenes the policies for the plan have been written, reviewed, scrutinised by our adviser from MSDC, and rewritten. The result is a robust plan which we hope will meet the concerns of Woolpit residents, and stand up to testing by developers.

The site allocations report is the missing piece of the jigsaw. As reported last time, an independant consultancy, AECOM, has been commissioned to undertake this assessment for Woolpit Neighbourhood Plan. Getting this assessment under way has taken much longer than we anticipated, but according to the latest update from AECOM, we should receive the draft version of the report at the beginning of November.

The report will assess a number of potential sites in the parish, and rate their suitability according to a traffic-light system. MSDC provide the other bit of data we need: a target figure for homes to be built in Woolpit by 2036. MSDC have been very reticent about this; despite repeated requests, we still haven't been told how many this will be.

With both pieces of information, we can allocate sites for housing development over the next 18 years. Where there is a choice to be made, we will come back to the residents in order to identify the most popular options - or the least unpopular ones! There should be more details available about this before Christmas.