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The Next Stage - Drafting the Plan
22 July 2017

Having carried out the Questionnaire, the next stage in producing Woolpit's Neighbourhood Plan is to begin drafting the policies. This, after all, is what it is all about - creating planning policies which will give our community influence over the future growth and prosperity of our village.

Over the past year, the steering group has assembled a substantial body of evidence reflecting Woolpit's needs, problems and opportunities, as well as the aspirations and preferences of all the stakeholders who make up this community - the people who live, work and play here. The last blocks - the results of the questionnaire, and a landscape sensitivity study (to be commissioned very shortly) - are about to be slotted into place. Using all this data, we can say with confidence what the village wants, and we can produce policies designed to ensure that those priorities are respected in any future planning decisions.

This has been a long road, and we have not reached our destination yet. But it can be said now that we know where we are going, which was not clear when the Neighbourhood Plan was started nearly a year and a half ago.