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Questionnaire Launch
6 March 2017

The Questionnaire working group, now discussing and deciding the wording of questions to be included in this survey, hopes to complete this task during April. The questionnaire is an extremely important part of our evidence base, and so the plan is to hold a launch event. All members of the community can come and discuss the content and the process. We want Woolpit to feel that it 'owns' this survey, and can have confidence in the results it will provide.

Questionnaire launch: Saturday 20 May, 11 am to 3 pm, at the Village Hall

We're going to conduct the survey shortly after the launch event. This will mean distributing questionnaires to every household in the parish, so we'll need as many helpers as we can get. In addition, we're planning an online version of the questionnaire. Some people find this more convenient, and it is an option for households where more than one person would like to submit their own views. Of course, extra paper copies will be available on request.

There is a second use for the online version, as it can be used to analyse the results. Although this would mean entering all the answers that are returned on paper, detailed and complex results can be obtained instantly. A decision is yet to be made about this.