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Questionnaire Results Display
Housing Policies Drafted
Sensitivity Study Due Late January
Landscape Sensitivity Study Commissioned
Questionnaire Results
Drafting the Plan
An Excellent Response
It's here! Questionnaire
The Questionnaire:
Some Details

Questionnaire Launch
Green Road Decision Deferred
The Plan One Year In

News in 2016
During 2017 Woolpit Neighbourhood Plan made strong progress, following a clear action plan. The main focus was the Questionnaire: by the end of March we decided what questions we wanted to ask, designed the questionnaire, and found out how much it would cost to distribute a 20-page booklet to every household, as well as set up an online version. In April and May, we applied for and obtained a grant to cover these expenses. As these plans neared fruition, a team of volunteers was organised to distribute and collect the booklets, during the latter half of June and the first half of July. Then a small team of volunteers inputted the data from the booklets into the online verion of the survey, so that it could be collated and analysed. The survey was closed on 1 September, and the analysis was completed in November.

As soon as the Questionnaire was complete, however, work began on drafting policies for the Plan. Objectives had been agreed earlier in the year, and by November a working group produced draft policies on Housing (the other two sections are Business, and Environment, to follow in early 2018). These were scrutinised, amended and approved by the Steering Group on 27 November.

And this wasn't all; another working group, who since late 2016 have carried out a Landscape Character Assessment of the parish, highlighted the need for an expert analysis of the potential development sites around Woolpit. We needed the services of a consultant to perform this analysis - the Sensitivity Study - so once again, a grant was obtained, tenders invited, and meetings held with our chosen consultant, Alison Farmer. She began work in November, and hopes to complete the study by the end of February 2018.

Questionnaire Results Display 2 December 2017
Exhibition to be held 3 February, 10 am - 4 pm, at the Institute more ...

Housing Policies Drafted 2 December 2017
Five Housing policies approved by the Steering Group more ...

Landscape Sensitivity Study Due Late January 2 December 2017
Study to be presented at the Questionnaire results exhibition more ...

Landscape Sensitivity Study Commissioned 1 November 2017
A grant has been obtained to finance a technical assessment more ...

Results of the Neighbourhood Questionnaire 1 November 2017
Analysis completed, an exhibition to be held in the new year more ...

The Next Stage - Drafting the Plan 22 July 2017
At last, time to start writing Woolpit's own planning policies more ...

An Excellent Response to the Questionnaire 22 July 2017
At least 45% of questionnaire booklets returned more ...

The Questionnaire is here! 7 June 2017
The Questionnaire will be delivered to your home from 15 June more ...

Some details about the Questionnaire 26 April 2017
What's in the Questionnaire more ...

Questionnaire Launch 6 March 2017
Community questionnaire launch event to be held on 20 May more ...

Planning Committee Defers Decision on Green Road 1 March 2017
A site visit to come first; later, a decision by the Referrals Committee more ...

Woolpit Neighbourhood Plan One Year In 1 February 2017
A year already! Reports, and pointers to the way forward more ...