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 April 2018: Site allocations; Environment policies
 February 2018: Sensitivity Study presentation; draft policies update
 December 2017: Questionnaire results display; sensitivity study progresses
 September 2017: Preview of questionnaire results
 June 2017: Questionnaire distribution 15-23 June; Key Views survey results
 April 2017: Questionnaire launch 20 May; new 'critical friend' appointed
 February 2017: Character appraisal completed; Green Road further changes
 December 2016: Questionnaire in preparation; Glebe land application
 October 2016: Building the evidence base; Street Farm proposal
 August 2016: Interim consultation report; Old Stowmarket Road application
 June 2016: Community consultations; Green Road housing application
 April 2016: Steering Group formed; Housing developments update
 February 2016: Neighbourhood Plan created; Proposed housing developments


 Site Allocations Assessment - final report
 Sensitivity Study - final report
 Community questionnaire analysis - definitive final report
 Parish profile commissioned from Community Action Suffolk
 Place profile commissioned from Community Action Suffolk
 Community consultation summary report
 Landscape character appraisal
 Community consultation interim report
 Summary of subgroup reports