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  Key documents
  Getting started
  Consultation & evidence
  Drafting the plan

 The Power of Neighbourhood Planning - what it can do
 Quick Guide to Neighbourhood Plans - summary and suggestions
 Keeping it simple - some dos and don'ts
 Neighbourhood Planning Basics - Mid Suffolk District Council overview
 Parish Council Checklist - MSDC advice to parish councils
 Neighbourhood Plans FAQs - MSDC questions and answers

Key documents
 Neighbourhood Planning Roadmap Guide - guide (new edition)
 Neighbourhood Planning Roadmap Guide - worksheets (new edition)
 Stages in producing a Neighbourhood Plan - MSDC outline

Starting the plan
 Steering Group Guidance - MSDC advice for steering groups
 How to engage and work constructively with your local planning authority
 How to designate a neighbourhood area
 How to project plan
 How to share the workload
 How to make effective decisions
 How to resource your neighbourhood plan

Consulting the community and building the evidence base
 Neighbourhood planning community consultation - engaging the community
 How To Go About It - MSDC guide to gathering evidence
 Woolpit Socio-economic Profile - MSDC, mostly from census data
 Woolpit Conservation Area Appraisal - MSDC, 2010
 How to gather and use evidence
 Sources of data and statistics
 How to prepare a character assessment to support design policy

Drafting the plan
 How to develop a vision and objectives
 Writing planning policies - make them clear, relevant and deliverable
 Strategic Policy Context - MSDC notes and guidance
 How to work with landowners and developers
 How to structure your neighbourhood plan
 How to write a basic conditions statement
 How to write a consultation statement
 How to write planning policies
 How to submit your neighbourhood plan proposal to your local planning authority