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In 1995 Woolpit twinned with the village of La Bonneville-sur-Iton in Normandy, and the friendship between our two communities has blossomed since then. The Twinning Association not only organises regular visits to La Bonneville, and entertains our French partners when they come here, but also puts on many social events in Woolpit during the year.

Woolpit Twinning Association aims to promote links of all kinds with our partners in France, especially for young people; so we hope to provide a point of contact for local cultural and sporting organisations, education, business and industry. One of our recent events was organised jointly with the Friends of Woolpit School, and a link has been established between Woolpit School and the primary school at Glisolles, just outside La Bonneville. Of course, we foster personal and family contacts too.

To find out more, please contact:

Alan Moult chairman 01359 242582
Gary Nock treasurer 01449 737683
Richard & Denise Mawhood joint secretary 01359 241055

For additions or amendments to information on this page, please email twinning@woolpit.org

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