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Woolpit Village Conservation Group

This group has been formed by a number of concerned residents to keep those interested in planning issues informed about new planning applications and anything connected with the subject.

The aim of the WVCG is to inform participating residents of new planning applications initially by email but will also direct them to this website for more details if this is appropriate.

This website is connected with the Woolpit Village site and accessed from it. The section of the Woolpit Neighbourhood Plan website which gave more detail on some of the current Planning Applications is now on this website.

This group will not act as a pressure group for the time being but has the aim of providing concerned residents with information so that the residents themselves can take the appropriate action of responding to the Mid Suffolk Planning Department with support or objections to each application. If there are open planning meetings at local or Mid Suffolk level, this site will give details.

Residents may be added to the circulation list of this Group or removed from by writing to the above email address.