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Planning applications

Old Stowmarket Road

Pigeon Investment Management's outline planning application for the site off Old Stowmarket Road was approved by Mid Suffolk District Council on 3 August 2016. The application and associated documents are on MSDC's website. Current information is that the site is now under offer to a national house builder. Click on the link above for more details.

Green Road

Artisan Planning & Property Services' planning application for the site off Green Road was received by Mid Suffolk District Council on 5 May 2016, and the application and associated documents were posted on MSDC's website on 26 May. Woolpit Parish Council rejected the application on a number of grounds, following a public meeting where the majority spoke against the application. The amended application has now also been rejected; click on the link above for more details.

Glebe land

On 3 November 2016 New Hall Properties registered an outline planning application for the glebe land north of Old Stowmarket Road and adjacent to Lady's Well. They intend to build 79 houses on the eastern 7 acres. Associated documents are also available on MSDC's website. The other 5 acres are the subject of a second application for change of use from agriculture to open space, including a 'surface water management scheme' and a 'wildlife enhancement area'. Click on the link above for more details. Woolpit Parish Council rejected both applications on 5 December, following a public meeting.
As yet no other planning applications have been registered for major housing developments in Woolpit. Two other proposals are being studied:

Drinkstone Road

Persimmon Homes are seeking to develop the old allotments site between Rags Lane and Drinkstone Road. A public consultation was held on 30 August, but very little firm information was available, other than the number of dwellings (60), and access plans for vehicles and pedestrians. No application as yet.

Street Farm

Hopkins Homes have outlined a plan to develop Street Farm. The proposal is for 450 homes, with some commercial and retail property. A road would link the site to the A14 interchange north of Woolpit, and to Bury Road near the exit from Wrights Way. A public consultation will be held.