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Green Road proposal

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Artisan Planning & Property Services' plan for land on the east side of Green Road has seen many changes since the first public consultation in September 2015. The original application, submitted in May 2016, was strongly criticised by SCC Highways Department due to traffic and road safety problems.

The proposal was amended in November 2016. Changes to the site comprise the inclusion of a play area for children at the cost of one 2-bedroom affordable home. Road access is relocated north to the bend in Green Road.

However, most of the changes are concerned with alterations to Green Road between the junctions with Drinkstone Road and Mill Lane. These involve
  • widening the pavement to modern standards (1.8 metres) and raising the kerb to deter vehicles from driving over the edge;
  • an informal priority system for traffic. Only one vehicle at a time could use this stretch; vehicles giving way would have to stop either at the entrance to Mill Lane (going south) or just before the Fire Engine Shed (going north);
  • building out the pavement in front of Pepys House and the hairdresser's, in order to prevent parking;
  • road signs and surface markings, particularly around the Pump triangle.
The amended plan was unanimously rejected by Woolpit Parish Council on 19 December 2016, at a public meeting attended by over 80 people. About 20 residents spoke, all objecting to the proposal.

Following further amendments in January 2017, this application was scheduled for MSDC's Planning Committee B on 22 February. Between 30 and 40 Woolpit residents attended, but the decision was postponed in unusual circumstances due to comments from SCC which arrived only the previous day. These mainly concern the current lack of provision for pupils of preschool and primary age; local schools and preschool providers are full. We are told that these problems will not be resolved before April; there will then be a site visit, and a decision will be made by the Referrals committee, which deals with contentious cases.

There are several documents attached to the application, including a planning statement and a design and access statement. Artisan are working in conjunction with the landowners, Kathy and Tim Parker, and with a builder, Landex Ltd.