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Pre-Submission draft Plan February 2019
    Pre-Submission draft Plan
 Policies Map
 Policies Inset Map Village Centre Inset Map Settlements Inset Map
Summary booklet
    Summary booklet - 8-page summary of the Plan
Supporting documents
 2011 census profile
 Conservation Area appraisal
 Housing Needs Survey summary
 Suffolk Rural Services Report 2015-16
 Socio-Economic Profile
 SWOT analysis
 Community consultation report
 Landscape character appraisal
 Parish profile
 Place profile
 Report on Woolpit businesses
 Aims and objectives
 Key Views
 Key Views survey analysis
 Questionnaire analysis
 Landscape Appraisal
 Local Green Space appraisal
 Site Assessment Report
Response to the consultation
    Response booklet for residents
    Response booklet for residents
    Response form for consultees

Questionnaire Results Display and
Sensitivity Study Presentation Day 3 February 2018
    Questionnaire graphs

Exhibition and Presentation Day 12 November 2016
    Vision statement
    Neighbourhood Plan timeline
    Community consultation displays
    Socio-economic evidence displays
    SWOT analysis displays
    Presentation notes

Neighbourhood Plan Area Designation 4 May 2016
    Designation Notice
    Responses to NDP Area Consultation
    NDP Area Map

Steering group meeting 10 March 2016
    Terms of reference

Meeting 2 February 2016
    Subgroups and objectives

Open meeting 13 January 2016
    Flyer distributed to all households
    Presentation A Neighbourhood Plan for Woolpit
    Presentation notes