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The stages in producing a Neighbourhood Plan

What is a Neighbourhood Plan?

Stages in producing a Neighbourhood Plan
Getting started
Defining the area
District Council-led steps

Gather evidence; assess the information; formulate policies.

Prepare and conduct surveys of the various groups in the community. Gather evidence from other sources such as the District Council and government agencies. Discuss the concerns and requirements of service providers in order to identify difficulties such as capacity constraints. Consult all stakeholders: residents, social, community and other interest groups, businesses, land owners and developers, service providers.

Assess potential sites for future development. Identify clear objectives and draft a Neighbourhood Plan incorporating policies designed to achieve those objectives.

Publicise the draft plan widely, alerting all stakeholders, local organisations and public agencies, and inviting comments. Send a copy of the plan to the District Council, and produce a report summarising comments received and issues raised by such consultation. Explain any amendments made as a result.