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The Woolpit Institute

To be found in the centre of the village.Woolpit Institute

The building has served the people of Woolpit since 1891, before that it was known as ‘Founders House’. In those times villagers could use the building to bathe, read books and newspapers as well as having social events on the premises. It was run by ‘Twelve good men and true’ and when the Institute was inaugurated the Trustees of the Woolpit Institute took over.

In 1920, the Institute was dedicated to the 25 men from Woolpit who lost their lives in the First World War and is now known as the Woolpit Memorial Institute. At that time, the building was renovated and extended, and electric light and modern conveniences installed. An article in the Bury Free Press of 24th July 1920 describes it as containing ‘an excellent billiard room, card room, bagatelle, reading and writing rooms, with a large library, and the concert room has been fitted with a convertible stage’. The downstairs part of the cottage, now Teacups, provided accommodation for a caretaker. Over the door is the inscription ‘1914 In Memoriam 1918’. The newspaper article tells us that it was hoped the Institute would ‘add to the life of the village and afford opportunities for friendship, education, self-improvement and social lives … a fitting memorial for those who died that we might live.’

Any Woolpit organisation which regularly holds events on the premises is entitled to have one member as a trustee. Some say the building was the forerunner of the Village Hall and it still maintains its homely feel.

There are twelve tapestries hanging from the walls upstairs depicting various stages of the village evolution. These were created by individuals and groups within the village to celebrate Woolpit’s Millennium. A stair lift has been installed and all toilets are on the ground floor, including one for the disabled. There is a level entry into the building for wheelchairs.

Recently the kitchen, situated upstairs, was totally refurbished. Up to 65 people can be catered for using the adjoining room. There is gas fired central heating throughout. There are chairs available on both floors and large and small tables are available as part of the hire.

A caretaker is employed to keep the building in good order. The electrics have been certificated and the premise have been checked and passed the Fire Brigade regulations.

The building also supports the local museum.

The Institute can offer the followingDownstairs Room

  1. The main room upstairs is 11.4metres x 6metres and can seat 65 people.
  2. Two smaller rooms are situated downstairs and they measure 5.3 metres x 3.6metres and 5.6 metres x 4 metres They can be hired separately or, with the interconnecting doors opened, can be hired as one.
  3. The complete building can be hired for larger events.

To hire any rooms or to make enquiries please contact   lynettegrant25@gmail.com  or phone 07564126118.

Payment made at time of booking would be appreciated, and qualifies for a modest discount.