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St Mary's Church

St Mary's Church

The steeple of St Mary's dominates the skyline from whatever direction you approach. Our church has evolved over the centuries from its Norman origins like many other churches in Suffolk, but it is special because of its magnificent double hammer beam roof, angel carvings, fourteenth century porch and carved pew-ends, which make it one of the finest village churches in East Anglia.

Over the centuries its porch has stood proudly over the south door, built in the fourteenth century from donations. Today's population has also made its mark; the village raised over 50,000 in two years to enable vital repairs to be carried out. A guide is available within the Church which explains most of the features inside and outside of the building.

Contact Information

  • Priest (unavailable on Monday's) - Revd. Ruth Farrell - Tel: 01359 242244
  • Church Warden - Jean Kendall - 01359 241360
  • Church Warden - Mrs Betty Curry - Tel: 01359 240332
  • Bell Ringers - Pam Ebsworth - Tel: 01359 242604
  • Choir - Jo Brown - Tel: 241129
  • Church Mice Toddler Group - Revd. Ruth Farrell - Tel: 01359 242244
  • Church Spire Lighting - Margaret Miller - Tel: 242221
  • Organist - Calvin Goymer - Tel: 01449 777011

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